Store terms of use :

The terms of use of the store  unimarty are the conditions that the customer must follow because these conditions are very important and know the customer terms  unimarty so that he adheres to them and does not violate them because violating these terms is more From the time the violating person was banned from using the services provided by you unimarty  and his account was canceled from the site.


First: Conditions for registering at unimarty:


1- unimarty is not directed to children, no person under the age of 13 can use unimarty or even the services provided by unimarty.
2 – The customer must maintain the integrity of the site and not cause any harm to either the unimarty store or to one of the unimarty users.
3 – The customer must provide unimarty his payment methods data in order to be able to subscribe to the packages offered by unimarty.
4 – We use your e-mail in case of communicating with you or sending you some important offers.

Second: General conditions for unimarty:


1- The customer must agree to all the terms of use unimarty so that he can use unimarty and the services it provides, and if the customer does not agree to the terms of the site, he is not entitled to register unimarty Not even getting their services.
2 – The judicial authority is concerned with looking into disputes and issues that may occur, God forbid, and we ask all parties to work on solving the problem by amicable means, and if the problem is not resolved by amicable means, in this case the affected party resorts to the judicial authority to solve its problem.
3- All customers must agree to the right of the unimarty department to make modifications or changes to its terms of use page at any time if the unimarty department deems it necessary to do so.
4- It is strictly forbidden to use any services provided by unimarty for any illegal purposes, immoral purposes or any matters that conflict with Islamic Sharia.


Third: Conditions for dealing with unimarty:


1- It resorts to unimarty to add some new terms or even change the already existing terms on its terms of use page, so please unimarty Post on this page to be aware of any additions or changes that have been implemented to this page.
2- We provide the companies that own the means of payment that they deal with unimarty with some data on behalf of the client after completing the registration process unimarty
3- The customer acknowledges that the payment method he uses on the site is activated so that he can use it to subscribe to the available packages, and the customer can also deactivate his payment method and he is solely responsible for activating or deactivating his payment method.
4- When the customer uses the available payment methods unimarty he agrees to all the terms of the companies that own these means as a third party on the site unimarty as indicated in the terms of use upon request A product or process, and if any modifications or changes are made, it will be published in the new version in the application, website or store.
5- If you have any inquiries or questions, please contact us immediately on the numbers shown on the site or through our e-mail to answer all your inquiries and questions.
6- Whoever commits any violation or intentionally harms the store, he will thus expose himself to a ban and permanently cancel his account on the site.

Fourth: Store rights unimarty  :

1- unimarty It has the full right to modify or terminate any of its services without informing the customer of that.
2-unimarty has the full right to refuse to modify any service without giving any reasons.
3- unimarty  has the full right to delete any content that infringes the rights of the site or infringes the rights of third parties or that this content contains sexual images or sexual purposes or any damage that causes any harm to any Person .
4- You will not unimarty  display the content that was previously stored by us.
5- In the event of a dispute over the ownership of an account for one of the customers, the affected person will be required to unimarty and prove ownership of the account.
6- In the event that unimarty the legitimate account holder is certain after submitting all the documents that prove his right, thenunimarty  hand over the account to the legitimate owner, and in In the event that unimarty  is unable to determine the legitimate owner of the account, then unimarty will disable the account until the verdict is made and the problem is resolved.

Fifth: Disclaimer:

1- unimarty disclaims its responsibility in the event of any harm to any user, for example, damage to the user as a result of a disruption of the platform during the process of purchasing services or subscribing to the packages available on the site.
2- The customer is fully responsible for the safety of his account on our site, and we also advised the customer not to reveal his password to anyone so as not to cause any damage to his account on the site.
3 is not responsible for the quality of services provided by the merchant to their customers.
4- The store platform is not responsible for the loss of profits or the occurrence of any damage in any way, whether directly or indirectly, to any of the parties on the site.

Sixth: Payment and Subscriptions:

1 – The customer must provide unimarty the data of the payment method through which he wants to pay, and that this data is 100% correct, and that the payment method is activated.

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